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The JMB Group

We at JMB want to help you get to the market with the best possible profile and direction aimed to the customer your trying to reach.

The JMB Group is a marketing company specializing in bringing New and Category expansion resources to the retail food industry. Our focus is 100% on food and food-related businesses. Our staff backgrounds are in marketing, sales and retail. Expertise includes food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, all perishable departments, specialty, ethnic, organic marketing and sales. We pride ourselves in that we not only know the business, we know it Nationally and Internationally with contacts to all the major markets.

Why Should Someone Buy Your Product?

    You produce an extraordinary product for the price and once some- one tries it they will know. But what is going to get them to try?

    Often the selling story is told through advertising. Short of that, the message has to be delivered through a combination of your efforts. That is where we can help.

    We will make sure that every- thing you do communicates your specific “WHY” so they will know how extraordinary your product is before they buy and, then, they will buy.

    Once satisfied, they will repeat.


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